Yamaha Champions Riding School

We created Yamaha Champions Riding School to make riders safer, faster. Riders who apply the correct control inputs at the right time will be safer, more confident, faster and will have more fun.

When we prioritize safer over faster, we can focus on riding improvement. Improved technique makes going faster a by-product. Riding better means being consistently safer and consistently faster.

ChampSchool is our complete, immersive, motorcycle riding curriculum. We do not believe in different levels or that novice riders should learn different techniques than advanced riders. We simply believe there is a consistently safe way to ride a motorcycle at whatever speeds you choose, from commuting to racing.

Our coaching curriculum builds upon two overarching principles, part of our “Champions Habits”: 1-How the best riders in the world ride. 2-How a modern motorcycle is designed to be ridden. We aim to shortcut your learning curve, make new riders excellent, make veteran riders even better, achieved by limiting class size and focusing on each student’s needs.

ChampSchool is offered in 1-Day or 2-Day formats. The 2-Day ChampSchool is the complete curriculum. The 1-Day program is the critical first half of the curriculum.


Nov 15 2021 - Nov 16 2021


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