Driver Development

Now offering Custom Driver Development Programs!

As a member, you can utilize one of the top driver development programs in the US on demand.
Our proven coaching program provides custom tailored 1-on-1 instruction that teaches members to become better, faster, safer drivers and riders. Let our professional coaching staff create a personalized program to help you meet and exceed your goals.

Private Coaching Daily Rates

Experience custom-tailored 1-on-1 instruction with our coaching staff for a full day of quality seat time and classroom debriefing. This program is dialed-in to help you achieve your specific driving goals and needs. Program includes:

Founding Member $800 Full Day / $500 Half Day
Executive Member $900 Full Day / $550 Half Day
Associate Member $1,000 Full Day / $600 Half Day
Basic Member $1,000 Full Day / $600 Half Day
Jr. Executive Member $1,000 Full Day / $600 Half Day
Annual Member 
$1,000 Full Day / $600 Half Day
Non Member $1,200 Full Day / $700 Half Day

*Rental car available upon request

Coaching Packages

Ideal use for yourself, family and guests this package gives you the flexibility to purchase multiple days at a substantially discounted rate off the standard daily coaching rate. The packages must be used on any mutually agreeable dates with instructors for a period of 12 consecutive months. Members that purchase coaching packages will also have priority reservations for scheduling requested coaching days.

3 Days $2,500
6 Days $4,800
10 Days $7,500
8% Discount for Founding members on all packages
4% Discount for Executive members on all packages

*Rental car available upon request

Advanced Road Racing

It is the perfect program to level up your road skills for intermediate through professional drivers. This course’s emphasis is on the finesse of speed as well as dives deeper into the intricacies of fundamentals. A minimum of 3 students is required per 2-day school.

2 Day Program $2,000 per driver

* 3 student minimum
*Rental car available upon request

Drift School

Elevate your confidence and ability to maintain raw car control with our drift program on our 5-acre performance skid & drift pad. Our professional coaching staff will teach you how to stay ahead of a car, ultimately, shattering your lap times. Developing strong drifting skills is foundational for mastering advanced vehicle dynamics and accelerating through the finish line. Drivers are responsible for their own vehicles and tire wear.
1 Day Program $1,000 per driver

Teen Defensive Driving

Increase your teenager’s awareness and car control with our defensive driving program. Our professional coaching staff will teach how to not only avoid accidents but also how to anticipate potential hazardous situations. Build your teenager’s confidence and driving skills with our 1 or 2-day instructional programs.

Full Day Program $1,000 per driver
1/2 Day Program $600 per driver

*Rental car available upon request

Karting Development

Go-Karting is a fast-paced and valuable resource for all levels of driving expertise. Learn karting techniques from our experienced coaching staff that will translate into improved reflexes and road racing skills – leaving other drivers in the dust. Youth development programs are also available. Full day coaching only available.

Founding Member $1,000 Full Day
Executive Member $1,100 Full Day
Associate Member $1,400 Full Day
Annual Member $1,500 Full Day

*Rental car available upon request

Group Coaching

If you’re looking to host a corporate or family event we can create an exciting custom, multi-day curriculum for you and your guests. Accommodates between 3-10 drivers. 5% Discount for Founding Members.
*Rental car available upon request

Non-Member Coaching Rates

Non-members are welcome to experience the hospitality and level of coaching that Inde members are afforded. Maximum of only 3 visits allowed annually.

Daily Flat Rate Fee $1,000 per driver

*Rental car available upon request

Cayman S Fleet

Our Porsche 718 Cayman S fleet provides a great way to run some hot laps with your friends, enjoy private coaching, or take part in team-building competitions with your group. Half and full-day rentals available.
Daily Rate $1,750 full day

Elevate Your Driving Skills

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